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YES I am different

Well when you've already read my "about" you should know a little bit of me. it's just a small extract and now i wanna tell you a bit more of who i really am and what it means to know me and to spend (some) time with me.

my name is Joana, my nicknames are Joe, Joey, Flo (my mom sometimes calls me Flo, i don't know why). my parents are married and i have a brother (Kevin, 19 yo). they live all together in our house near Ulm. i live by myself in a small flat in the centre of Munich cos I'm doing my training as advertising agent here. it's not really what I wanna do in my future. this is why I want to study social work after I'll have finished.

when i was 18yo (and had a relationship about 3 years with my ex boyfriend) i recognized that i really like women. and not only in a friendship-way, I love women. from the moment i've been really sure about that i told my parents and my friends that i'm a lesbian so i'm out with everybody around me, even my boss knows and nobody really cares - that's great, that's germany man (or a part of it)!

something else that i have to tell about me (and it's kinda difficult for me to talk about but cos it's a big part of my life i will) is that i have Borderline personality disorder.
find out more about here:
that's why life with me can sometimes be hard and very stressful (at this point i really have to thank my parents, my brother and my grandma for always being there and supporting me whatever i've said or done - i'm sorry for so many things and i know that i'm not the daughter that you deserve but i truly love you and this will never change. thank you for everything!).

Well i think that was a good beginning to introduce myself and a bit of my personality out to you. hope you'll enjoy this blog. Peace out!

and by the way the blog name is part of my name (Joe); the "Dee" stands for "lady" and it has something to do with the tom-dee culture in asia (mostly in thailand).if you wanna know more about it go to this site:


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cheryl (21.2.11 16:01)
i love you baby
and i love your beautiful soul.

your schatz,

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