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is this love?

it's just the same shit every single day and sometimes i think about if this is really worth it. you know that you really love somebody with all your heart and you seem to be so sure about that but then there's just one word or one sentence said by this person that makes you fall apart again and you put the whole relationship into question. Darling, this goes to you: i know we're as different as equal and i love the things we've in common. i really feel that you could be my soulmate - just on the other side of the world. but we have this problem that asia is so different to europe and that's why we've so many disagreements - every day. I'm sagittarius what means i really love and need my freedom and time on my own. it feels like i'm in a cage and always have to legitimate myself for nothing. i cannot chat with anybody i cannot talk to anybody i cannot meet anybody i even cannot have a new friend on facebook without you asking me who that person is, if this person likes me and so on. you cannot call me on my mobile phone about 5 times and send me messages on facebook about "what the fuck are you doing with this girl" when i haven't answered you for about one hour when i'm out with a friend. i'm sorry for having friends and a life. That you know about my past i cannot understand why you're sometimes talking to me like shit e.g. your friends don't see you as a friend they see you as a fuckbuddy. wtf excuse me i just wanted to explain to you that it's normal in germany that you sleep in the same bed with your friends without that anything happens. sorry for wanting you to understand my culture, my life and what's called "normal" in germany. The last thing i wanna tell you is that i decided i cannot take this anymore. i cannot have a relationship which is based on controlling each other. that's just not love. that's not what a relationship should be about. In my opinion a relationship should make everything easier and life so much brigther. i'm not upset atm i'm just angry that you cannot understand me and you cannot change even i've told you all of this so often again and again. you hurt me with your behavior every day. i wish you could change but i think you cannot. I am what I am and i did whatever i want in the past i'm doing it now and i'll do it in the future because it's "normal". if anybody wants to be with me that person have to deal with it and respect my rules. it's up to you: if you want me in your life the way i am just let me know. peace out! Joe
22.2.11 20:00


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Yeo Yeo Yeo (23.2.11 10:17)
Ich liebe dich do u know that?

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